Step Right Up !.. Step Right Up!.. and Meet..

The Carnival Brothers are travelling pilgrims – distinct characters that inhabit the space between light and dark, night and day, that other world where our brightest dreams and darkest fantasies meet.

Blessed with the face of the devil and the voice of an angel, legend has it lead singer Ger “Wolfman” Eaton perfected his extraordinary vocal technique as a young boy, taming wolves with the traveling Carnival.

Johnny “Vegas” – The Joker in the pack, plays guitar, mandolin, keys and every card trick known to man, as well as a few unknown. Johnny was discovered in a downtown casino when the carnival first hit Vegas.

The Fox provides the steady backbone that keeps the brothers live and dangerous with a sleuth and wit befitting of his name. The “face” of the band and a bona fide lady killer, The Fox also plays bass.

Binzer, the brother with rhythm pulsing through his fingertips keeps the beat on drums when it’s showtime. Off stage, he likes to stay on the edge with a spot of fire eating and sword swallowing.

Bella a Go Go adds the burlesque glamour and sex appeal that keeps the boys in line, the punters lining up night after night and most importantly, the dealer’s eyes off the table.

The Carnival Brothers will coax you out of the darkness and into a world of pure joy and escapism.